Monitor your workers safety in real-time
At Connected Safety Solutions we specialise in Connected Lone Worker Monitors and Connected Gas Detectors from Blackline Safety, a leader in the global connected safety technology market.  Blackline's solutions are so far ahead of their competitors that we simply do not supply lone worker or gas detection devices from any other supplier - we just sell the best.
G7c Connected Safety

Connecting workers in the field to live monitoring personnel. Features fall detection, no-motion detection, SOS alert, check-in, and 2-way voice calling. Connected lone worker monitor, with gas detection options. Atex Certified.

M6 Lone Worker

Connecting workers in the field to live monitoring personnel. Features fall detection, no-motion detection, SOS alert, check-in, and 2-way voice calling. Connected lone worker monitor. 


Blackline's safety monitoring technology connects your team to real people. The G7c connected safety devices and dedicated lone worker monitoring solutions put the tools in your hands to watch over your own team. Or you can leave the monitoring to Blackline with their in-house 24/7 Safety Operations Center backed by thoroughly-trained alarm operators.

Each alert is managed according to your custom emergency response protocol, from incident through to resolution. All activities are time-stamped for future reporting, including notes that are used to document the response.

Employees who face an incident experience extreme stress. Even if they can’t respond to a two-way voice call or text message, Blackline monitoring technology brings them comfort when the blue LiveResponse™ light turns on — they know the alert was received and help is on the way.

For situations where a hazard needs to be communicated broadly to your team, Blackline monitoring solutions can mass-notify them through voice or text messages. Confidently account for everyone’s wellbeing and whereabouts in real-time, and be equipped to act when someone needs a hand.


Blackline Safety is a global connected safety technology leader. Their industry-leading expertise has afforded them the opportunity to empower a diverse spectrum of organisations, from SME’s to Fortune 500 companies. They offer a comprehensive range of solutions and provide employee location awareness through multiple interfaces, meeting the most challenging needs of organisations in every industry. Their talented team of designers and engineers create and manufacture everything in-house — from wearable technology and personal gas detectors to cloud-hosted infrastructure and web-based interfaces.

They deliver the world’s first turn-key, work-anywhere connected safety monitoring solution with gas detection, 3G wireless, two-way speakerphone and live monitoring to meet the demanding safety challenges of organisations in over 100 countries. Blackline’s innovative technology helps teams working in hazardous environments respond to emergencies in real-time and manage efficient evacuations, accounting for everyone’s safety along the way.

With millions invested in technology research and development, Blackline Safety is recognised for quality and innovation. The breadth of their portfolio enables them to monitor employees working throughout urban areas to the most remote of locations beyond land-based communications coverage. They address the safety monitoring needs of nearly every industry, including utilities, government, healthcare, oil & gas, industrial, transportation, manufacturing, biotech, pharma, engineering, telecom and construction.